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Don’t we all love pizza?  Its everyone’s comfort food.  Or almost everyone’s.

I chose to blog about the pizza market in BC because I am currently doing a project for a pizza company and need to understand the market before coming up with my recommendation.  [Don’t worry, I won’t post anything confidential here!] This blog just helps me document some of my findings and as well, serves as a vehicle for our class learnings.  Hitting two birds with one stone, so to speak.

I hope you help me out too as I venture on using this blog for some candid research — to find out your opinions about the different brands of pizza you’ve ever tried or want to try.  When I have some new finds too (e.g. an interesting new gourmet pizza resto or a new product launched by familiar brands), I’ll let you in on it through this blog.  Tit for tat!



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